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External Fixation System

Radiolucent PEEK for Tibial Shaft External Fixation Orthofix Types

Radiolucent External Fixation System

Parts:  Radiolucent PEEK External Fixator  for Tibial Shaft External Fixation Orthofix Types
Material: Radiolucent PEEK and stainless steel

External Fixation System is indicated for complete and temporary fracture fixation for Tibia, Femur, Pelvis, and Humerus fractures. It is particularly suited for the following indications:
• Open Fractures or Severe Soft Tissue Injuries 
• Peri-Articular Fractures 
• Intra-Articular Fractures where a joint bridging frame can be used
• Temporary Fracture Stabilization leading to definitive treatment 
• Poly-Trauma Patients 
• Other indications including Osteotomies and Arthrodesis